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Welcome to RaiDOT
RaiDOT (Responsible AI, Insightful Data, Operational Trust) is an innovative risk analysis, evaluation, and mitigation tool developed using explainable AI. RaiDOT for AI systems is co-created by working with SMEs, businesses, universities, hospitals, and other stakeholders to build trust in responsible AI applications. We are continuously exploring the potential AI risks of hardware, software, ethical issues, and legal compliance to empower and support our customers in mitigating their risks. No matter whether we are working in hospitals, businesses, or education, we all need to build trust in AI to exploit its full potential through mitigating risks.
Our Mission
Our mission is to empower organisations to analyse, evaluate, and mitigate the risks of AI systems. By fostering transparency, proactive risk mitigation, and responsible use of AI, we aim to build a foundation of trust and confidence in AI adoption among organisations, thus contributing to a more sustainable, innovative, and resilient ecosystem.

Don't leave risks unchecked – navigate the future confidently with RaiDOT!

Why RaiDOT?
Trust and Transparency
In an era where AI is increasingly integrated into various sectors, there is a growing need to understand and trust these systems. RaiDOT provides tools that promote transparency in AI operations, helping stakeholders understand how AI models work and make decisions.
Risk Analysis and Mitigation
AI systems, while powerful, come with potential risks. RaiDOT offers a comprehensive approach to analysing and mitigating these risks, ensuring that AI systems function as intended without unintentional side effects.
Stakeholder Collaboration
RaiDOT'sco-creation approach, involving SMEs, businesses, universities, hospitals, and other stakeholders, ensures that the tool considers a wide array of perspectives. This collaborative approach can lead to more robust and universally applicable solutions.
Promotion of Responsible AI
With concerns about the ethical implications of AI, tools like RaiDOT promote the responsible use of AI, ensuring that it aligns with societal values and ethical standards.
Legal and Ethical Compliance
RaiDOT aids in navigating the complex landscape of legal and ethical guidelines related to AI. By ensuring compliance, organisations can avoid potential legal pitfalls and ensure that their AI systems respect users' rights.
By providing organisations with tools and training to understand and mitigate AI risks, RaiDOT empowers them to confidently adopt and integrate AI technologies into their operations, leading to innovation and progress.
Sustainability and Resilience
As AI systems become more prevalent, ensuring their sustainability and resilience is crucial. RaiDOT contributes to building AI ecosystems that can adapt and thrive in various conditions, leading to long-term success.