Risks of AI in Education and Businesses in Cambodia

In a groundbreaking workshop titled "Risks of AI in Education and Businesses in Cambodia," Professor Alamgir Hossain, an esteemed expert in the field and CEO of D-Ready company delved into the pervasive use of AI algorithms across various applications and the associated risks. The workshop highlighted the challenges and introduced an innovative solution – the "Multi-scale Operational Assurance Tool of AI (MoT4AI)" systems.

Professor Hossain Explores AI Risks and Solutions:

In his illuminating talk, Professor Hossain shed light on the risks posed by AI algorithms in Cambodia's education and business sectors. The wide-ranging applications of AI bring about unprecedented opportunities but also introduce complex challenges. From data privacy concerns to potential biases in decision-making, the risks are multifaceted and demand comprehensive solutions.

Introducing MOT4AI: A Revolutionary AI Assurance Tool:

At the heart of the workshop was the introduction of MOT4AI, an intelligent tool designed to assess, evaluate, and mitigate the risks associated with AI systems. The Multi-scale Operational Assurance Tool takes a proactive approach to ensure the safe and effective use of AI in daily operations.

Professor Hossain's presentation emphasised the importance of not only understanding AI risks but also actively mitigating them. MOT4AI emerges as a crucial asset in this endeavour, providing a scalable and intelligent solution for businesses and educational institutions in Cambodia.

Looking Ahead:

The introduction of MOT4AI marks a significant step towards promoting ethical and responsible AI use in Cambodia. As the tool continues to evolve, it promises to be a cornerstone for businesses and educational institutions, ensuring the safe integration of AI into daily operations.