Learn About AI Safety & Risks

Ensure Trust in AI Applications

Every day, we interact with AI, from smartphones to industrial software systems, which brings advantages like enhanced services, increased efficiency, and lower costs via automation. Yet, AI systems carry risks, including data bias, algorithm choice, and cyber-physical system security. Users, developers, and stakeholders must grasp these risks, even for personal tasks like essay writing with advanced language models. The RaiDOT platform educates users on responsible AI, fostering understanding and trust by focusing on four critical elements: bias detection, algorithm selection, system security, and operational assurance.

The Risks and Uncertainty of
Application of AI

Software Risks

  • Bias & Discrimination of Data
  • Algorithm and Model Selection
  • Cyberattacks to AI-Driven Systems
  • Ripple Effect on Fair Decision

Hardware Risks

  • Physical Harm Potential (Robots & IoT Devices)
  • Malfunctions & Failures of adaptive systems
  • Cyber-Physical System Attacks
  • Robustness, Reliability and Safety Assurance

Ethical Issues

  • Biased Data for Decision
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Discrimination and Fairness Issues
  • Lack of Transparency

Legal Compliance

  • Compliance with Industrial Regulations
  • Adherence to Government Laws
  • Compliance with Medical Approval Processes
  • Adapting to Evolving Regulations like EU AI Act

The Role of RaiDOT

RaiDOT is a pivotal resource in your AI safety and operational assurance journey. Providing an intuitive and comprehensive operational assurance evaluation tool, we empower organizations and their staff to assess their AI systems' risks and strategize for a secure future. RaiDOT aims to bridge the gap between innovation and safety, enabling organizations to embrace responsible AI technologies confidently.