Evaluate the Safety & Risks of Your AI Systems

Why is AI Risk Evaluation Important?

In the fast-paced world of AI, ensuring operational assurance using responsible AI is paramount. From reliability to performance and beyond, understanding your AI system's risks is essential to your organisation for building trust. RaiDOT provides the tools to assess, analyse, and strategise – all for a safer, more successful AI-powered future.

Why Evaluate Using RaiDOT Tool?

Guided Process: Our structured approach ensures that you explore all the nuances of AI risks.

Recommendations: Receive customised suggestions from experts for Responsible AI System development.

Secure Dashboard: Your assessment history and recommendations are securely stored for your convenience.

Build your confidence in the use of Responsible AI

How to use the RaiDOT tool?

RaiDOT allows technical and non-technical users to analyse, evaluate and mitigate the risks for your organisations. Whether in healthcare, finance, industries, or government agencies, RaiDOT is your partner in risk management. To conduct the process, please:


Log In or Register: To access the evaluation tool and its benefits, simply log in or create an account. Your dashboard awaits, where you can track your assessment history and access personalised recommendations.


Choose Your Domain: Select the domain that best aligns with your AI system's application, from healthcare to finance and more.


Identify Your AI System: Tell us about the type of AI system you're using. Not sure? We've got examples to guide you.

Unveil Potential Risks: Our dynamic questionnaire takes you through AI-specific risk considerations, ensuring you leave no stone unturned.


Generate Your Report: Once you've completed the evaluation, the RaiDOT tool will generate a comprehensive report outlining the potential risks associated with your AI system.


Request for Experts’ Support: You can request expert support to Analyse, Evaluate and Mitigate AI risks in your organisation.