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Professor Alamgir Hossain

Chief Executive Officer

Professor Hossain is the CEO of D-Ready After his PhD in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering (University of Sheffield) and Software Engineering Training from CICC (Japan), Professor Hossain served as a Professor of AI, Vice President, and Director of the Research Institute for several universities in the UK, Bangladeshi and Cambodia. He had 15 PhD completions in AI, cyber security, digital health and intelligent systems under his direct supervision. He served as the ethics committee chair of a UK university and published 350+ peer-reviewed articles, worked with 50+ companies and received research and development grants of over £16 million for projects with over 20 countries. See: Google Scholar Account.

Tanmoy Hossain


Tanmoy Hossain is the Chief Technology Officer for Bob’s Business with over 10 years of programming experience and 4 years working in the Cyber Awareness space. He has a BSc in Computer Science from Newcastle University, and has worked on a multitude of different projects varying from bespoke website development, SaaS product development, cybersecurity culture product development, Deep Learning / ML Optimisation, NFT / Blockchain programming to internal/external IT infrastructure management. Working on such a diverse range of projects has enabled him to stay up to date with the latest developments across the technology and security industry. In turn, this has led to a deep understanding of how best to utilise technology towards instilling behavioural change within employees through engaging and positive training techniques.

Dr Parven Akhter


Dr Parven Akhter is an esteemed scholar who obtained her PhD from the School of Education, University of Sheffield, UK, in 2015, with an educational focus on science at both the undergraduate and Master's levels. She received ESRC funding for her doctoral research, amassing over £128K throughout her career for community-oriented projects. She further enhanced her academic portfolio by earning a master’s in educational research (MEd), where she honed her critical evaluation skills for ethnographic research methodologies. These skills were then applied in data collection and quantitative and qualitative video-based data analysis using digital screen-based multimodal interaction. Dr Akhter now employs her extensive knowledge in childhood education at Mediprospects Ltd. Prior to this, she served as a tutor in child psychology at Sheffield University.

Dr Lokman Khan

Consultant: Education & Training

Dr Lokman Khan is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional with a strong academic background and extensive teaching and research experience in Chemistry. Possessing graduate and postgraduate degrees in Chemistry, including a PhD in Chemistry (University of Sheffield) and a PGCE (Education), Dr Lokman Khan demonstrated excellence in Chemistry research by publishing many research articles in international journals, owning many patents with unique inventions and finally, in his teaching expertise in the field of science. Dr Lokman Khan's diverse academic background, extensive teaching experience, and research contributions demonstrate his commitment to academic excellence, passion for teaching, and dedication to scientific discovery. He is a highly skilled and accomplished professional who strives to inspire and nurture the next generation of scientists and critical thinkers.

Hesam Rostamali

Chief Technology Officer

Hesam is a versatile IT professional and Developer creating impactful websites, graphic designs, and marketing strategies, and delivers exceptional results for clients and companies. With a lifelong passion for learning across various fields and tools, He consistently stays at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. Driven by innovation, Hesam actively seeks opportunities to proactively contribute to company and team success. His cross-functional expertise allows him to collaborate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders, bringing together diverse perspectives to drive optimal outcomes. As a software engineer, Hesam possesses a diverse skill set encompassing programming, graphic design, digital marketing, and data analytics and he is eager to explore new opportunities and take on fresh challenges to generate new ideas and drive the growth and success of the company and its employees.

Duncan Wood

Creative Design Consultant

With a distinguished professional tenure spanning 17 years, Duncan has successfully established himself as a creative powerhouse in the industry. As a Conceptual Creative Director, his expertise traverses various domains, including editorial, agency, and retail settings. Duncan's core competencies encapsulate an impressive range of skills. His adeptness at brand strategy helps sculpt unique identities and pathways for brands. His design capabilities span both digital and print mediums. Duncan's mastery of motion design adds a dynamic layer to his portfolio, allowing him to craft visually engaging narratives. His talent extends to the digital realm, where he excels at digital collage, an innovative visual technique, and has honed his skills in the cutting-edge sphere of Web 3.0. Duncan's multifaceted skill set and extensive experience have solidified his reputation as a versatile and forward-thinking Creative Director.

Yashashvisindhu Basha Boina

Data Analyst

Yashashvi is a Data Analyst, an ambitious Data Science graduate, and a Python developer while pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science at Teesside University. Yashashvi uses her programming expertise and intense interest in machine learning algorithms. With a passion for leveraging data to drive meaningful insights, Yashashvi is committed to applying her knowledge and skills to tackle complex challenges, drive innovative solutions, make an impact in the field of data science, and strengthen her abilities in this continually developing industry.

Anita Hossain

Marketing Consultant

Proactive marketer proficient in leading omni-channel marketing campaigns with over 10 years of experience. Highly effective at developing both in store and digital customer marketing strategy. Results-orientated and multi-faceted leader with a rich career history marked by sales growth, market share growth, customer loyalty and customer acquisition.

Imtiaz Ahmed Duke


Highly accomplished retail area manager with a proven track record in driving optimal growth and profitability within the fuel retail, Lidl, Tesco, and M&S sectors. A strategic thinker and results-oriented leader, experienced in overseeing multiple stores, implementing effective strategies, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Skilled in team development, performance management, and operational excellence. Committed to fostering strong cross-functional collaborations to achieve business objectives.

Naeimeh Nour

Machine Learning Engineer

Naeimeh Nour is an AI Engineer Intern (Part-time), an aspiring AI student and a Python programmer. Currently pursuing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Teesside University, Naeimeh combines her programming skills with a deep passion for AI. With a background in Computer Engineering and a solid foundation in Python, she is determined to explore the limitless possibilities of AI. Naeimeh is eager to contribute her programming expertise to AI projects and enhance her skills in this rapidly evolving field.